How Safe Are the Hallways in Your Senior’s Home?

Your senior’s hallways serve to connect the various areas of her home, but they can be a bit dangerous if you’re not careful. Here are just a few of the things you need to be on the watch for in the hall.

Is There a Smoke Detector?

Home Care Salisbury, NC: Senior’s and Hallway Safety

One of the most basic safety tools in any home is a smoke detector. Even if your senior has a smoke detector in her bedroom, it’s a good idea to put one in the hallway, too. Having one in the hall gives her a chance at an earlier warning that there’s something going on that she needs to pay attention to. If she sleeps with her bedroom door closed, this is even more important.

If the Lighting Is Bad, That’s a Problem

Poor lighting in the hallway can mean that your senior runs a greater risk of falling or running into something. There are very rarely windows or other sources of natural lighting in hallways, making proper lighting even more urgent. Change out old light bulbs for the brightest bulbs that her fixtures can support. You never want to overload the system, but she does need to be able to see.

She Might Need More Support

You might only think about handrails in a hallway if there’s a staircase there, too. But even hallways can benefit from a set of sturdy handrails. This is especially true if your elderly family member has poor mobility or balance issues. You need to make sure that the handrails are firmly anchored into the wall for them to be as supportive as possible.

Check the Floors for Damage and for Clutter

While you’re getting deep into what’s causing safety issues in your senior’s hallways, take a close look at the floor. If there is unnecessary furniture or clutter that can be relocated, do so. Those items are taking up valuable space that your senior needs. Once you can see the flooring itself, make sure that there aren’t holes in the carpet or that any area rugs are secure and not slippery at all. Bare floors need to be free of anything that could become slippery.

Keeping the hallways clear is another story and it’s just as important. If that’s a problem for your elderly family member, hiring home care providers is probably an excellent solution. They can take care of household tasks and make sure that your senior is able to navigate her home safely.


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