Calling All Crafters: Our Brave Healthcare Workers Need Your Help!

You can help save lives by making simple, reusable cloth facemasks for senior living communities!


People above age 85 face a 10-27% fatality rate if they contract Covid-19. TenderHearted is doing everything we can to make sure our seniors stay safe. Like all healthcare entities, however, we could be facing long backorders on the supply of disposable facemasks.


You can help! When disposable masks are not available, the CDC recommends fabric masks as an alternative. Easy-to-make cotton masks can be washed, sterilized, and reused, and they offer surprisingly good protection (up to 73% against virus-sized particles).


They aren’t hard to make. Patterns and video tutorials are below.


Every mask you make can cover or take the place of dozens of disposable masks. If we each do our part, we can help keep our seniors and healthcare workers safe!


How to make masks

  • Rather than elastic, you can use ribbon or straps to tie behind the ears or head (this may hold up better with repeated washing)


Where to get supplies

  • Use tightly woven 100% cotton fabric
  • New material can be bought on clearance and shipped from stores like Joann Fabrics. Wash on hot prior to sewing.
  • Recycled, clean scraps are okay too!
  • Ties: Use ribbon cut long enough to tie behind ears or head, or can use ¼” or 3/8” flat elastic or elastic beading cord (1/16” or 1-2mm). Elastic is still available on ebay if you can’t find it in stores. (Check the delivery date to make sure you can get it soon.)


Delivering completed masks

  • You can drop off masks at TenderHearted Home Care, 130 N Arlington St., Ste H, Salisbury, NC.  Please call first 704-612-4132 and ask for staff on site so we can meet you at the front door.
  • Alternatively, feel free to mail the masks to the address listed
  • Collected masks will be immediately sent to laundry/processing to be prepared for use

Any surplus masks will be distributed to other organizations in need

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