Carbon Monoxide Safety – What Do You Do if Your Dad’s Detectors Go Off?

Your dad’s home should have a carbon monoxide detector on each level. It’s also advised to have a detector in each bedroom. You’ve taken care of that. What happens if the detector goes off?

Caregiver Salisbury NC - Carbon Monoxide Safety - What Do You Do if Your Dad's Detectors Go Off?

Caregiver Salisbury NC – Carbon Monoxide Safety – What Do You Do if Your Dad’s Detectors Go Off?

Carbon monoxide is a clear, odorless poison. It can happen when a heating system is not properly ventilated. It can occur when a generator or portable stove is used indoors. It all comes down to ventilation. If there’s a lack of ventilation, carbon monoxide can build up and lead to serious health issues and potentially death.

People aren’t always sure how to handle a potential carbon monoxide leak. Here are the steps your dad needs to take.

Evacuate the House

The most important thing is to leave the house. He should go to a neighbor’s home or use his mobile phone to call the fire department. They’re equipped to find the source of the carbon monoxide. It may simply be a detector that needs replacing, but it’s always best to be cautious and call an expert to come check for carbon monoxide levels within the home.

Pay Attention to Symptoms

Your dad should pay attention to the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. They often mimic the flu with a headache, weakness, and difficulty breathing. Some also experience nausea, blurred vision, and confusion.

If your dad has several of the symptoms and his detector was going off, ask for medical care. Even if his alarm hasn’t activated, it’s a good idea to ask a doctor’s opinion. It’s better to be safe than find out it was carbon monoxide.

Stay Out of the Home Until the Issue is Fixed

If the fire department found a problem, stay out of the home. Your dad should go stay with a friend, family member, or in a hotel until the house is clear of carbon monoxide. Whatever caused the carbon monoxide to build up must be repaired immediately. He should live elsewhere until a professional has made the necessary repair and tested to make sure exhaust is being properly ventilated.

Bring in Care if Needed

If your dad has a hard time understanding or remembering what to do if an alarm goes off, he may be ready for caregivers. Caregivers allow your dad to live independently without putting himself at risk. With caregivers visiting each day or a few times a week, your dad has help with daily activities of living. He also gains a trusted companion.

Find out more about the services caregivers offer to seniors. Call our home care agency to learn about options available to your dad.

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