Caregiving from Afar – How to Help Your Elderly Loved One?

Do you live an hour or more from your elderly loved one? If so, this is called caregiving from afar or caregiving from a distance. There are many challenges that you might face when trying to take care of your elderly loved one from further away. However, it is important to know that this is possible. There are many family caregivers who take care of their senior citizen loved ones from afar. 

Hopefully, the information mentioned below can help you to care for your elderly loved one from this point forward. 

Getting Started

Are you just now needing to take care of your elderly loved one? If so, there are some tips that can help you to get started. Some of the things that you should make sure are done include:

In-Home Care Salisbury, NC: Caregiving from Afar

In-Home Care Salisbury, NC: Caregiving from Afar

  • Making an emergency contact list for them
  • Getting their paperwork in order
  • Hiring in-home care providers
  • Making sure they have an appointment book set up

If you can do these basic things, your elderly loved one’s life will go much smoother, healthier, and better overall. 

Other Tips for Long-Distance Caregiving

In addition to the caregiving tips noted above, there are some other tips for long-distance caregiving, as well. Some of these tips include:

  • Visit your elderly loved one when you can
  • Have transportation set up for your elderly loved one
  • Be sure daily tasks are assigned to people who will be caring from close
  • Encourage your elderly loved one to stay independent as much as possible

These are some other things that can help your elderly loved one to have a better life overall. If you need some help managing these things, don’t hesitate to hire in-home care providers starting today. 

Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs More Help

How do you know if your elderly loved one needs more help than they are receiving now, especially when you live further away? Some of the signs that senior citizens may need more help include:

  • Avoiding your calls
  • Looking disheveled during video chats
  • Not taking a shower as often as they should
  • Not calling you back when they normally would
  • Not keeping healthy foods stocked in their house
  • Missing meals
  • Unable to do certain household tasks

It is important that you do your best to keep an eye on these changes. If needed, you can hire in-home care providers and ask them to check up on these things. Then, the home care providers can let you know what they see going on. 


Are you caregiving for your elderly loved one from afar? If so, you might already be wondering how you are going to make sure they are alright at all times. The tips that are noted here today are a good start for ensuring your elderly loved one is well taken care of. If you follow these tips, it can help to improve your elderly loved one’s quality of life, too. 

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