Easy Workouts For Seniors This Summer

Senior Home Care in Rockwell NC Most seniors know this, but no matter how old you become, you should be working out. However, this is much easier said than done. Not all seniors have the easiest time moving around and many elderly individuals suffer from chronic pain or health issues that prevent them from moving much. However, there are still gentle exercises that a senior may be able to do depending on their health status. Here are some ideas for your elderly mom or dad to try this summer.

First, Start With a Physical Therapist

Before a senior goes out on their own they need to learn what’s best for their body. Some seniors may be able to swim and others may only be able to stretch in a chair. However, this is hard to know without first talking to a doctor and then talking to a physical therapist. Even if your senior has no health issues and everything they experience is age-related, they may still want to seek a physical therapist to learn what exercises will help them reach specific goals. Keep in mind that if your loved one has stopped going to the doctor or they have limited transportation options and feel they cannot go to a physical therapist, this is something that senior home care can help with. Senior home care is another professional that can work with a senior and physical therapist to ensure they age in place well and can move as much as possible.


A senior should always start with walking. Even if your loved one is only walking around this house this can help them stay mobile. Once their bodies get used to the movement, especially if they are out of this good habit, then senior home care can encourage them to walk further. They may want to walk around the yard this summer or even around their neighborhood where it is safe. If you are worried about your senior mom or dad on the streets, ask senior home care to walk with them. This can be a good habit to develop over time and can help a senior strengthen their bodies.


If your loved one is still able to move around and get out of the house, one of the best gentle exercises is swimming. Your loved one should go to a gym that offers either senior classes or has an open time where they can swim laps with a lifeguard on duty. Swimming is one of the most effective ways to strengthen the whole body without putting stress on it. This is a good exercise for seniors and young adults or even kids! However, a senior may want to take a class that is just focused on senior bodies.


Another amazing exercise that is for all ages, is yoga! This is a gentle form of movement that involves bends and stretches and uses a senior’s own body as the weight. There are tons of easy positions that will help a senior stay mobile. This can be done in a class or even at home with some help from senior home care.

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