How Seniors Can Stick To Their Weight Loss Goals

January is Healthy Weight Awareness Month and since it’s the time of year when many people, including seniors, are making resolutions to try and lose weight it’s a fantastic time to talk about weight loss goals. If your senior loved one wants to get healthier and lose weight this year that’s a great goal to have. Being overweight can cause a lot of medical complications for seniors. But sticking to the resolution to lose weight can be very tough. That’s why so many people abandon their New Year’s resolutions within the first month of the year. If your senior loved one is committed to reaching a healthy weight this year here are some things that can help them:

Say No To Fad Diets

Home Care Rockwell, NC: Weight Loss Goals

One of the worst things that your senior loved one can do if they want to get to a healthy weight is try a fad diet. Not only are fad diets ineffective, they can be downright dangerous to seniors. Seniors who have underlying health conditions and take medications need to be aware of how food can affect the health. Fad diets that involve eating expensive foods in strange amounts or not eating for days at a time can end up harming seniors. Encourage your senior loved one to talk to their doctor or a professional dietician about what they can eat to meet their weight loss goals.

Get An Accountability Partner

When trying to lose weight it can help to have an accountability partner who will check in with your senior loved one and keep them on a healthy path. A home care provider is a great accountability partner for seniors that are trying to get to a healthy weight. A home care provider can help seniors cook healthy meals, plan and shop for healthy ingredients, and keep track of their weight loss progress. A home care provider can also be a motivator and activity partner that will encourage your senior loved one to get moving by taking walks or doing other activities.

Make A Commitment To Health, Not Weight Loss

Whenever seniors are trying to improve their health it helps for them to think about the changes they want to make in terms of making a commitment to be healthy, not just a commitment to lose weight. If they don’t commit to staying healthy after they lose the weight they may just gain the weight back. Being healthy is a lifestyle and something that seniors should want to do every day not just when they want to get to a healthy weight.

Make Small Changes Over Time

The secret to forming new healthy habits is to make small changes over time. Consistent behavior and consistent choices will help your senior loved one make lasting changes to their diet and exercise patterns that will help them get to a healthy weight and stay there. Giving your senior loved one your support and understanding will help them make the changes they need to make to stay healthy.

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