Warmer days have snow melting in many areas. Others are already seeing signs of spring. No matter where you live, your dad’s yard needs some attention. Winter storms, high winds, and ice all create a mess that needs to be dealt with. These are the key areas to focus on when you’re outside cleaning.

Sidewalks and Paths

Senior Care Faith, NC: Spring Yard Clean Up

Join your dad on a walk and check his sidewalks and paths in his yard and on routes he regularly follows. Look for sticks and branches that may trip him up. Move them to a compost pile or outdoor fireplace if he has one. If not, call the town or city and see how you recycle branches and sticks. There may be a pick-up service available.

Look for loose paving tiles or bricks. If there are issues, take care of them. Also, look for cracks or raised areas on a concrete sidewalk. You want to prevent a fall by making sure there’s nothing that will catch your dad’s toe.

Decks and Patios

Look over any patios or decks for moss, lichen, or algae. While they’re natural, they can be very slippery on a rainy day or after a heavy dew. Clean them with bleach and a scrub brush.

Check all boards in a deck to make sure there’s no rot starting. If there is, replace that board. If you remove the board and find the support below is also rotting, it may be time to replace the entire deck.

Finally, make sure all boards are secure and level. If there are boards that are popping up or warping, take the time to secure or replace them.

Home Siding

Over the winter, environmental factors may have dulled your dad’s siding. If it’s vinyl siding, you can have it power washed to return it to a like-new state. Otherwise, you may want to look into having the siding material painted or stained.

Check for loose siding. If any of the siding has loosened on a windy day, take care of it as soon as possible. You don’t want to wait and have the entire strip of siding pulled off on the next windy day.


Wash away grime from rain, snow, and ice by cleaning the windows. Make sure you wash both the inside and outside. Many newer windows tilt in to make it easy to clean them from inside the home.

Check for any worn or missing caulk. If there is any, take care of it now to keep pests like ants, ladybugs, or hornets from getting into the gaps and becoming a nuisance.

Senior care aides can help keep windows cleaned and decks swept. Caregivers also help monitor your dad’s time outside to keep him from overheating or getting a sunburn. A senior care agency can discuss these and other helpful services that help your dad remain independent in his home.


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