Family caregivers experience so many things each day. Some are frustrating. You may find you’re not as good at household organization as you thought. You may be having a quiet talk with your dad and learn something new when he tells you about his first crush. 
Learn to embrace those experiences. Some are going to leave you feeling on top of the world. Others will have you wondering what you could have done differently. 
Help Without Taking Over

Caregiver Kannapolis, NC: Embracing New Experiences

Your parents need help, but you need to give them a chance to do things on their own. Let them try to do something a couple of times on their own. If they can’t do it, assist them just enough so that they get it done. 
After that, ask if they want additional help in the future or if they liked the amount of help they get. The goal is to assist them without taking over or making them feel useless. 
Spend a Day Having Fun 
You know the phrase, “All work and no play…” Make that phrase your motto. Helping your parents out each day is important, but it’s just as important to have fun. Spend one day a week going out to a nature park for a picnic. Spend a rainy day watching movies. Play a game after lunch instead of rushing to do the dishes. 
Learn to Delegate Tasks 
Delegate some of the things on your to-do list. You have a busy day doing your parents’ laundry, vacuuming the stairs, and mopping floors. Your brother stops by to see if he can help out. Don’t be reserved and decide not to say anything. 
Give your brother some chores to do. While he’s doing those, you can focus on other things. You may get done early with his help, which gives you free time for fun activities. 
Know When to Take Time Off 
Family caregivers do need to know when to take a day off. Respite care is one way to do that. Let professional caregivers come to your parents’ house and step in while you take a break. Make arrangements by making a call. 
Arrange home care services as often as you need the break. It might be once a month or once a day that you need caregivers to come. Make sure you take advance of these services, however. You’ll be refreshed and filled with energy when you return. 


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