March is Nutrition Month! Have You Seen Renee’s Friday Focus on Food Video Series?

If you haven’t already been following along with TenderHearted’s owner, Renee, on her Facebook video series: Friday Focus on Foods, March is the perfect month to start! She has been filming short videos every Friday for about a month to discuss different food groups discussed in Dr. Ann Kultz’s book, Eating Right for Life. Renee is not a nutritionist or an expert in the field but she read the book for herself and couldn’t resist sharing all the great information with you! So, to catch up on the videos and continue along with Renee on this series, check out our Facebook page (TenderHearted Home Care) and learn all about the different types of foods we put into our bodies! This week specifically (February 26th) she will be telling you about the nutritional value of fruits!

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