Medical Alert Technology Doesn’t Have to Be Bulk

Medical alert systems provide a convenient way for your mom and dad to summon help when it’s needed. Whether it’s the middle of the night or mid-morning, a push of a button puts them in touch with a support person who can help them by alerting family members, paramedics, or someone else.

Many older adults look at medical alert technology as something bulky and unfashionable. Times have changed, and many of these units are smaller and look great. Here are some of the different options when it comes to medical alert technology today.

Pagers and Smartphones

In-Home Care in Rockwell, NC: Medical Alert Technology

Your parents are against a medical alert system that uses a bracelet or pendant. How about a system like Lively with a pager-like device? The medical alert device clips to your clothing or fits in a pocket.

You may find your mom or dad is happier with a smartphone. Program the phone to have a quick one-button connection to you or medical professionals if there’s an emergency. Make sure service is active so that the location of the phone is traceable. The benefit to a cellphone is that you’re not paying more than the monthly phone bill.


A smartwatch looks like a watch. They can be large or small and come in a rainbow of colors. Not only do they allow you to see what time it is, but they also offer heart rate monitoring, stress levels, and count the number of steps you take each day.

There are smartwatches from several companies. Some, like the Apple watch, can alert others if you need it. They also have GPS tracking, which is a beneficial feature for people with dementia.

Fashion Pendants

If you’re shopping for a medical alert system for your mom, ask the company if they have fashion pendants. These devices look like an everyday necklace, but the push button is disguised as a solid gemstone. It’s hard to tell from looking at it that it’s a medical alert pendant, making it more appealing.

What’s even better than a medical alert bracelet or pendant? Hire in-home care aides to spend time with your mom and dad. Knowing that someone is with them every day offers you peace of mind, and it gives your parents the socialization and assistance they need to age at home in the safest, most satisfying way possible.

In-home care services include housekeeping and laundry, but it goes more in-depth with your parents’ needs for someone to talk to and ride to stores and businesses. Call an expert in home care and schedule services today.

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