Seven Tips to Help Seniors Get and Stay Fit with Chronic Health Issues

Home Care in Harmony NC Staying active, or even getting active, is crucial for seniors. That can feel impossible when it comes to battling chronic health issues. While older adults may have more work to do to get and stay fit, it’s possible for them to do it. A lot of this is easier with help from home care providers and steps that build into a plan.

Consult with Healthcare Providers

The first task is always to talk with doctors and other healthcare providers before starting a plan for moving more and getting fit. Talking with healthcare experts gives seniors an idea of what their limits are and what the best types of movements are going to be. This helps to make sure that everything sets out on the right foot from the start.

Personalize Exercise Plans

Every senior’s needs and goals when it comes to movement and exercise are unique, so the plan needs to be unique, too. Low-impact exercises are a better choice, typically speaking. Some seniors may need to start with activities like chair exercises in order to build up strength, endurance, and mobility. As they improve their fitness, they can change their plans accordingly.

Incorporate Strength Training

Seniors tend to lose muscle tone and strength very quickly, so it’s a good idea to incorporate exercises that help to build strength as much as possible. These activities can also help to improve things like joint stability since the muscles around the joints are better able to support them. Light resistance activities are good to begin with and can help to improve functional movement while reducing the risk of injury.

Include Balance and Flexibility Exercises

Balance and flexibility are also important parts of a beginning exercise plan for seniors. Exercises like tai chi and yoga emphasize balance but also offer the chance to stretch and build coordination. These types of movements can also help with mental wellness and promote relaxation, which is also important as seniors grow older and face health challenges.

Keep Goals Both Achievable and Realistic

Seniors mustn’t try to do too much too quickly. They need to set some realistic goals that are achievable and that they can build on in the future as their health improves. Going overboard with exercise too soon can lead to injuries, but it can also cause seniors to give up before they start to experience any of the benefits that exercise brings.

Stay Hydrated

When seniors are starting to move more, they need to focus on things like bumping up their water intake. If they’re already not drinking as much water as they need, they’re increasing the chances of dehydration by exercising and not finding ways to increase the water they’re drinking. Home care providers can help seniors remember to drink more and eat hydrating foods, which can help with all sorts of health issues.

Encourage Seniors to Listen to Their Bodies

Seniors need to listen to what their bodies are telling them. Their bodies are going to enjoy some types of exercise more than others and they must learn to acknowledge that information so they can use it to become healthier and stronger. This all helps them to stay safe and to enjoy moving more regularly.

It’s empowering for seniors to embrace exercise and to move more. This is a lot easier for them to do safely when they have help from home care providers to tailor a plan for working out regularly.

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