Tips to Better Handle Your Elderly Loved One’s Sleep Issues

Is your elderly loved one have sleep issues? Maybe, they have told you or one of their home care providers that they can’t fall asleep. They lie there for hours unable to get to sleep. They may have told you that they wake up after only being asleep for an hour or so. No matter what types of sleep issues your elderly loved one is having, it is important to handle it properly. There are some tips to better handle your elderly loved one’s sleep issues.

Help Them Get Relaxed

Research shows that stress can play a major role in the quality of sleep that people are able to get. How much stress does your elderly loved one feel before they go to bed? Do they have finances or relationship issues on their mind? Are they thinking about all the doctor’s appointments they have coming up? All these thoughts can cause your elderly loved one to have sleep issues.

It is important for you and their elderly care providers to help them get relaxed before bed. Some ways you can do this are by getting your loved one to do the following before they head to bed:

Home Care China Grove, NC: Seniors and Sleep Issues

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Listening to calming, natural sounds (YouTube has many great options for this)

The more relaxed your elderly loved one can get before bed, the easier they should be able to fall asleep. Keep in mind this might not happen the first few nights. However, after your elderly loved one knows they can get their body relaxed it might come easier.


Many people believe that only younger people keep journals. However, that isn’t necessarily true. There are many older people who keep journals, as well. In fact, your elderly loved one could benefit greatly from using a journal. If they are experiencing sleep issues, writing in a journal before bed could help to clear their mind. Some of the things that your elderly loved one might want to write in their journal include:

  • Thoughts about the day
  • Feelings they are holding onto
  • Plans for the coming day

By getting everything out on the journal, your elderly loved one can let go of those thoughts and feelings. Hopefully, this will help them to sleep better. If needed, you can have a home care provider remind your elderly loved one to journal every evening.

No Judgment

Your elderly loved one probably doesn’t want to sleep in most mornings because they can’t sleep at night. Do your best not to judge them or hound them to wake up. It is best if you can help your elderly loved one to implement better sleep habits in the evening and at night such as the ones you read above. Over time, when their sleep quality gets better, they can set up morning routines, too.


These are some of the best ways to handle your elderly loved one’s sleep issues. Now that you are aware of what to do, you can start helping your elderly loved one to implement these tips. With the help you and the home care providers give, hopefully, your elderly loved one will be sleeping better soon.

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