How Do You Know When an Older Adult Needs Home Care?

When an older family member suffers a sudden health crisis, it becomes suddenly obvious that they need some help to continue living at home. However, it’s not always that easy to decide when to step in and help. Some seniors decline gradually, making it difficult to see that they are struggling. If you’re debating whether your aging relative is in need of home care, below are some clues to look for.



Home Care Lexington, NC: How Do You Know When an Older Adult Needs Home Care?

Look at how the older adult is dressing and their personal hygiene. Are their clothes clean? Does their hair appear washed? Do they have a body odor? Is their breath bad? All of these things are indicators that the older adult may be having trouble keeping up with daily hygiene tasks. Lack of personal hygiene can suggest a physical problem that makes staying clean difficult or it could be a sign of depression or cognitive problems.

Home care can assist seniors with personal hygiene by assisting them to bathe safely and dress in clean clothing. A home care provider can also help with brushing teeth and daily grooming, like combing hair or shaving.


Weight Loss
How well do the older adult’s clothes fit these days? If they appear to be baggy and loose, your loved one may be losing weight. Now, if they were overweight and trying to lose weight, that’s not a bad thing. However, if they were already thin or are losing weight without trying, there could be a problem. Unintentional weight loss can be a sign of illness or it may mean that the senior isn’t able to cook for themselves or get to the grocery store.

Home care providers can drive your aging relative to the grocery store and help them to shop for healthy ingredients. If the senior struggles to cook for themselves, a home care provider can either help them to cook or simply do the cooking for them.


Memory Loss
Older adults may forget things once in a while, that’s normal. A senior might forget an appointment from time to time, but later realize they forgot. Or, they could forget someone’s name for a moment, then remember. However, if you notice the older adult is repeating questions, has trouble following instructions, or gets confused about people, places, or time, it may be an indicator of more serious memory loss that requires medical intervention.

Home care providers can assist seniors who suffer from memory loss. A home care provider can remind them when it’s time to take medications or go to appointments. Home care providers can also ensure the senior stays safe at home.


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