Even if winter still hasn’t hit your area. It’s coming. If you haven’t arranged elderly care visits, it’s a good time to talk about it with your mom. For her to stay safe all winter, a few things need to be discussed. 
Outdoor Yard Care

Elderly Care Thomasville, NC: Winter Safety

One of the riskiest parts of winter comes when there has been a snowstorm or rain that falls at freezing temperatures. If your mom has to go out to the end of her driveway to get the mail, packed snow or ice puts her at greater risk of falling. If she takes daily walks, she’s also more likely to slip and fall when it’s icy. 
She may not be able to shovel and spread sand or a deicer on her own. If there is no one else who can take care of these issues, you need to talk to a snow removal company. You should also address having that person clear snow from around vents to her heating system and clothes dryer. 
A caregiver can check on your mom after a storm and make sure the person who clears snow has shown up as promised. If not, the caregiver can make some calls and make sure someone is coming. 
Indoor Climate 
Your mom has working smoke/fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If not, make sure they’re installed and test those that are in her home to make sure they work. If there are any issues or an alarm keeps going off, call her HVAC company to have her system checked for carbon monoxide leaks. 
It’s also important to consider setting up her home thermostat so that it’s a smart device that triggers an alarm if the temperature drops too low or goes too high. You’ll get the notification and can make sure she’s okay. 
Even better, elderly care aides can stop by each day and make sure your mom’s heating system is working. If the house is cold, you don’t want your mom sitting in a cold house for more than a few hours. 
Plan for Emergencies 
Keep a box of items needed for emergencies. If the power goes out, your mom would want to have fresh water, batteries, canned or non-perishable foods, candles, flashlights, and extra blankets. She also needs a battery-powered radio to get updates through the local news. Finally, make sure she has a cellphone that’s charged and ready for her to call others if needed. 
How do you make sure caregivers stop by regularly during the winter? Call an elderly care agency and ask about the variety of services offered in her area. You want companionship services to start. Your mom has someone stopping by regularly to offer friendship and conversation, which is a good start to her being safe and happy all winter. 


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