April is Fresh Florida Tomatoes Month – Here are 5 Great Ways to Eat Tomatoes!

Unlike most of the rest of the country, Florida’s weather is great for growing plants all year round. That’s why we are celebrating fresh tomatoes – in April!

Caregiver Lexington NC - April is Fresh Florida Tomatoes Month – Here are 5 Great Ways to Eat Tomatoes!

Caregiver Lexington NC – April is Fresh Florida Tomatoes Month – Here are 5 Great Ways to Eat Tomatoes!

In many states, gardeners are just beginning to plant their tomato crops. As a family caregiver, you and the elderly loved one have been going out to work on your own garden lately! In Florida, though, the harvest is already upon us, making this the perfect time to talk about all of the different ways you could use tomatoes in your kitchen.

Salads – Unless you are in Florida, you probably don’t have your own home-grown tomatoes yet, but you can still buy some from the store and put them in your salads! Tomatoes add a beautiful pop of color to green salads, and can be used in many different ways. For example, you can slice them up and put them in the salad raw, or you can toast them on the grill to give them a nice char before adding them.

Sauces – Fresh tomatoes are prefect for homemade, slow-cooked sauces. Spaghetti is nothing without a nice, thick tomato sauce, and neither are other Italian-inspired dishes, like lasagna. Just add some tomatoes, water, herbs, spices, and perhaps even some meat, and cook it long and slow to make a wonderful, thick sauce that will go great with any pasta.

Chili – When most people think of chili, they probably think of beans. If that’s so, you’re forgetting the most important part! Most chili is actually a tomato-based sauce, and requires fresh, stewed tomatoes to give it its signature taste and lovely red color. You can use the chili to top hot dogs, or you can make it its own dish with pasta, meat, and beans!

Sandwiches – A slice of fresh tomato goes great on almost any type of sandwich, and can be paired with meat and/or cheese to make a delicious lunch. These tomatoes can be raw, or they can be roasted or grilled to bring out even more flavor.

Raw tomatoes – Like many other vegetables, tomatoes are a great snack all on their own. They are delicious with a light sprinkle of salt, and if they are fresh enough, they even have a nice crunch when you bite into them. Just be careful though – tomatoes are full of juice, so they are messy!

No matter how you like to eat your tomatoes, they can really bring the family together. As a caregiver, you can use them while preparing healthy dishes for your elderly loved one, or you could ask them to help and cook together. There is no better pastime than spending the day cooking meals with the ones you love. Well… except maybe eating those meals together!

No matter what your tastes or your family’s tastes are, you are sure to find a way to use fresh tomatoes in your dishes. Just be sure to thank the Florida farmers if you’re eating them in April!

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