Why is Bathing so Important for Seniors

Personal Care at Home in Kannapolis NC Sometimes small things can be a huge hassle for elderly people who choose to age in place. Suddenly, it may seem impossible to get your senior mom or dad to bathe. There could be many reasons for the refusal to bathe each night, they may be scared to bathe alone, they may forget it is necessary, or they may lose their sense of smell and not know they have become stinky. There is no shame in any of this, and bathing can become much easier with the help of personal care at home. Oftentimes, even if seniors have help from adult children or family members a senior will be more comfortable with someone like personal care at home because they are professionals. Here is why bathing is so crucial for a senior’s routine.

It Can Help Them Relax

One of the best things about bathing is that it can be relaxing. When the water is lukewarm it can help ease the pain of any swollen joints and help them feel refreshed. This is a chance to relax under warm water and take a moment to reflect on the day. It is something that seniors may not think about but it can have huge mental health impacts when it is intentional. If your senior has a hard time standing in the shower, find a chair that is shower friendly, or have personal care at home, run them a bath where they can sit and get clean. This can be a crucial aspect of a routine and when it is something they do every few days at the same time it will help a senior smell better regularly.

Baths Manage Skin Infections

Baths and showers are important when managing skin infections. Having clean skin is going to be crucial when it comes to caring for senior skin. As a senior gets older they may suffer from infections, rashes, and dry skin which can all be managed with a good shower. After a shower, a senior should always completely dry off and then use a moisturizer or medical cream to manage any skin conditions. Skin health is something that a senior may think is vain but is actually so important as they get older. Your skin is the largest organ on the body and a senior needs to take the time to care for their skin, and this means showering regularly.

Showering Will Help Them Smell Good

No one wants to smell bad, and chances are, your senior has no idea that they smell. By creating a routine with personal care at home, they are less likely to smell because they will shower based on days and time rather than when they think they smell. Showering is the best way to smell good while aging in place.

It is a Chance to Inspect Skin

During a bath, a senior has the time to inspect their skin or allow personal care at home to do skin checks after the shower. This means if anything comes up everyone knows immediately and can inform a doctor right away. It can save your senior a lot of trouble in the future.

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