Caregivers Flexibility and Helpfulness Makes a Difference

I’ve Liked Their Flexible Scheduling


Score: 10

I’m a med tech and I wanted a second job in the same environment. I’ve liked their flexible scheduling. Someone who is starting out in the healthcare industry would probably need someone there with them at the client’s home for the first time. They are the only job that I’ve ever worked for that goes out of their way to recognize me and tell me that I’m doing a good job.


The Office Staff is Helpful

Kahlia M.

Score: 10

I like that they provide clients in my area and that they are flexible with me when I need to schedule days off. They sat down and went over things I didn’t know, and if I ever had a question or forgot something they would offer me more training. They give cards with little notes that show you you’re appreciated by them and the clients. The office staff is helpful whenever I have a problem and I can always talk to them.

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