Elders Can Welcome Their Adopted Pet to Their New Home with These Tips

Elder Care Salisbury NC

Elder Care Salisbury NC

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Adopting a pet is an excellent way to give homeless animals the forever homes they deserve. However, dogs or cats that have been neglected or abused in the past may have a difficult time adapting to a new environment. It may also be extremely challenging to get the new pet to trust their new owner.

Pets can bring a great deal of value to elder adults. They provide the companionship they need, a newfound purpose in life, and the motivation the elder needs to exercise. But if your elderly loved one is considering the adoption of a new furry family member, it is important they understand that getting the animal to cuddle with them or light up as the elder walks in the room might take some time.

With the help of an elder care provider, here are some ways to help the new dog or cat feel welcomed into their new home.

Leave him alone. The elder or other family members may have the urge to put all of their energy and attention into the new pet, but don’t. All of this new attention may cause them to go into hiding in order to be left alone. Instead of smothering them with kisses, hugs, and toys, give them some space. When the pet is ready, they will let you know.

Set up a routine. Similar to people, animals crave structure. This is especially true for dogs. If there is no structure, the pet may feel anxious because they do not know what is going to happen throughout their day. Having a consistent feeding schedule and training techniques will provide a place where the animal can feel at ease. It is important that the owner continue following the same rules in order to show the dog or cat what behavior is acceptable and what is not.

Only buy the basics. Before buying every toy and gadget in the store, the owner should get to know their pet first. Dogs will need food and water bowls that are slip-resistant. Cats will also need these bowls, and long scratching posts. The toys purchased will depend on the age of the pet and their personality. For example, if the animal is a puppy that bites, look for toys that are made for animals with strong teeth who like to chew.

Animals can be an excellent asset to an elder’s home, but will also require a lot of attention and work. Family members or elder care providers may need to assist the elder with the care of the senior’s new furry companion.


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