How to Renew Your Driver License

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Whether we are 18 or 80, the fact is we all love the independence that having a driver’s license can bring.

Remembering to stay aware of existing and updated laws and regulations is a responsibility for us all. Keeping your license up-to-date falls into that category–it is an easy to forget task but renewing your right to drive is a requirement for every driver and not one to take lightly.

Renewing Your License: As Easy as 1-2-3-4

If you or a loved one are among the elderly in Rowan County and are wondering what it takes to renew your license, here is a quick guide to help you on your way.

1. Know When to Renew: Watch for a reminder card in the mail (which may come anytime up to 6 months prior to need for renewal).

2. Prove Who You Are: Give required documentation, which can include:
a. Current license/ID
b. Proof of Identity
c. Proof of Social Security

3. Pass the Test: Sometimes you will be required to retake the vision, road signs, and driving tests.

4. Pay the Fee: This is based on what type of license you need and which age bracket you belong to (18-65 is 8 years, while 65 & older is a 5 year renewal).

• You may pay by using cash, check, credit or debit card, or money order for all fees. Sometimes, an ATM may even be found in your local DMV for your convenience.

Renewing Online: No muss, no Fuss

If you would like to avoid waiting in line, there is the option to renew your license online at Here, you will need to determine if all of your documentation remains correct and on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This opportunity is excluded for anyone who:

1. Owes money to the DMV.
2. Has a suspended license.
3. Is applying for a duplicate Commercial Driver license, which are only available in person.

Some More Helpful Hints

The DMV has published their own guide to making your trip to their offices a success, called “DMV Helpful Hints”. Following these tips will help you have a smooth, stress-free experience in getting your license renewed.

Make a Plan: You are welcome to make an appointment at any of the DMV offices to ensure you get in and out as quickly as possible.

Know the Best Times: Early in the morning and/or on Tuesdays & Thursdays are the best times to visit. Try to avoid the middle of the day (11-2) as lunchtime is usually a busier time.

Consider a Convenient Location: the DMV has multiple offices throughout the state of North Carolina. Find one that best fits in to your routine, and stop in as it is convenient for you.

Double Check What you Need: Nothing is more frustrating than showing up to renew your license without the proper paperwork. Double check before you leave your house that everything you need is in hand.

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