4 Foods Your Loved One Needs to Avoid if He Has Gout

Senior Care in Salisbury NC

senior care salisbury NCPurines are compounds in foods that break down into something called uric acid. High levels of uric acid can build up in the body, collect in the joints, and cause gout attacks. One way to help reduce the likelihood of gout attacks is to limit the intake of purines. Some foods are higher in purines than others, so limiting those foods can help your loved one if he has periodic attacks of gout.


Seafood in general is higher in purines than other meats, but some fish and crustaceans are higher in purines. Tuna and anchovies are among the worst of the bunch in terms of purines, so it’s best to avoid them altogether. Some people are sensitive to different foods, however, so your loved one might want to risk eating some seafood, particularly if they’re among his favorites.

Red Meat

Some meat is higher in purines than others, and red meats have higher levels. Occasional red meat intake isn’t necessarily a problem, but it’s best to reduce frequency if possible. Some meats, such as lamb, are better to avoid completely. If your loved one insists on the occasional steak, it can help you to track gout attacks or symptoms to determine if it’s okay to continue eating red meat now and again.


Since purines and uric acid both filter through your loved one’s kidneys, upping his water intake is important. Just as important is limiting other liquids, like alcohol, that can cause uric acid levels to build up. Beer is among the worst, but other types of alcohol are difficult for people with gout, too. Talk to your loved one’s doctor about which types of alcohol your loved one might be able to partake of still.

Sugary Drinks

Drinks such as fruit juice or sweet drinks that are high in fructose can help to contribute to gout attacks, too. If your loved one has been drinking soda or other sugary drinks for a long time, getting him to cut back can be difficult. Try instead convincing him to replace one sugary drink a day with a glass of water. The water can help his kidneys to flush more of the uric acid away.

Cutting back on just a few of these foods can help your loved one to reduce the likelihood of a gout attack. Try working with your loved one’s elder care providers to develop a menu that is lower in these types of foods.

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