Simple Ways to Brighten Your Mom’s Day

Happiness is key to a healthy, satisfying life. Your mom lives alone and seems down. You’re not close enough to be with her every week, so how do you brighten her day when you don’t live nearby?

Call Her

Senior Care China Grove, NC: Brighten Your Mom’s Day

Call your mom just to check in and see how she’s doing. Your calls don’t have to be long, but they should be long enough for your mom to cheer up and not feel as alone.

If she can use her computer independently, you could call her through a video chat service like Skype or Zoom. This way, she sees you, you see her, and she might have the chance to see her grandchildren, too.

Send a Card

Purchase a bunch of generic cards and send her a card every week. Write a quick note and include photos of grandchildren and other family members who live near you. You could have her grandchildren draw her pictures and add those.

She’ll have something to look forward to each time the mailman comes. Plus, she’ll have something to do after if she decides to write back to you.

Schedule Subscription Gifts

Instead of getting a birthday or holiday gift that is a one-time thing, sign up for a subscription service. You could have a box of fresh fruit sent to your mom each month. There are subscriptions for everything.

You could have a monthly book subscription where your mom gets a few books in her favorite genre. There are cookie boxes, candy boxes, snack food boxes, and clothing boxes. Coffee, tea, and body products are other ideas.

Stop by With Flowers

Have someone nearby stop by as often as they can and bring flowers. Bright colors are going to cheer up her home. They don’t have to buy them. Give them enough cash to invest in a few inexpensive vases, pick sunflowers, daisies, or other garden flowers, wrap a ribbon around the vase and bring those.

Every visit, have the person bring back the previous vase and leave the next. You won’t overwhelm her with new vases each time this way. She’ll have a visitor and get to socialize while also getting fresh flowers.

Arrange Companionship Services With a Senior Care Agency

Have you thought about having a senior care aide stop by to take your mom out for weekly shopping trips or another fun outing? One of the perks senior care offers is companionship visits. Your mom doesn’t have to be alone all week. She can have a senior care aide stop by and provide the friendship she longs for. Make a call and set up the arrangements.


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