Tips to Make Shopping Easier for Seniors

Home Care Assistance in Kannapolis NC

Home Care Assistance in Kannapolis NC

One of the reasons why seniors don’t eat the way they should is that shopping for groceries can be difficult for seniors. Seniors that have mobility issues, trouble managing money or paying bills, sensory sensitivity, or limited energy can have a hard time shopping for groceries. Home care assistance can help seniors who are overwhelmed by shopping. With home care assistance seniors have the support they need to shop for healthy food.  There are also several strategies that can make grocery shopping easier and more enjoyable for seniors like:

Create a List

Seniors should always have a list of what they need to get at the store.  Categorize the list by sections of the store to streamline the shopping process. Home care assistance providers can help seniors make up their shopping lists to make sure they get everything that they need.

Use Online Shopping

Many grocery stores offer online shopping and delivery services. This allows seniors to shop from the comfort of their home and have groceries delivered to their doorstep. Delivery is a great option for seniors with limited mobility.

Plan Meals

Planning meals for a week makes shopping easier and means fewer trips to the store. Meal planning also means that seniors will have fewer leftovers or wasted food.

Shop During Senior Hours

Many grocery stores now have senior-only shopping hours, typically an hour before the store opens to the general public. During that time seniors can shop without worrying about getting knocked over or bumped into.

Use a Shopping Cart or Basket

Using a shopping cart or basket can help distribute the weight of groceries and provide support while walking. Seniors can also use the scooters and other mobility aids that many grocery stores offer.

Shop Locally

Consider shopping at smaller local markets or stores that might have shorter aisles and less overwhelming options.

Shop More Frequently

Instead of doing a large grocery haul, consider shopping more frequently for smaller amounts. This can be less physically demanding and help prevent perishable items from going to waste.

Bring a Cart with Wheels

A small, wheeled cart, like the kind used for gardening, is a fantastic thing for seniors to bring on a shopping trip. The cart can be used to wheel the bags of groceries to the car after checkout and it can also make it much easier to get the groceries into the house.

Stick to Familiar Aisles

If possible, shop at the same grocery store and stick to familiar aisles to make the shopping process more efficient.

Use Shopping Apps

Some stores have apps that allow you to create shopping lists and access digital coupons. These apps can save time and help seniors stay organized.

Consider Meal Kits

Some meal kit delivery services provide pre-portioned ingredients and recipes, eliminating the need to shop for individual ingredients.

Shop for Frozen and Pre-Cut Foods

Frozen fruits, vegetables, and pre-cut options can be more convenient and require less preparation time.

Stay Hydrated and Rested

Bring a bottle of water and take breaks if needed. Staying hydrated and well-rested will help seniors feel more comfortable during the shopping trip.

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