How Can Home Care Help a Senior Who Is Resisting Bathing?

Resistance to bathing is one the most common behavior changes that occur in people living with Alzheimer’s disease. Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease may resist bathing for a wide variety of reasons, including not remembering when they bathed last or thinking that they just bathed, not knowing why they need to bathe, or being afraid of the water. Despite this resistance, it is vital that your parent keep up with regular bathing to protect their health, comfort, and well-being. Fortunately, home care services can help.

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Some ways that an in-home senior care services provider can help your aging parent if they are resisting bathing while progressing through Alzheimer’s disease include:

Establishing a routine that allows your parent to follow through with the same approach to bathing each time. This creates a sense of confidence and security, and also eliminates questions of what to do next or why they need to do it. When there is a predictable routine, your parent is more likely to simply follow it because it is their routine.

Creating a schedule that includes bathing so that it is more predictable and your parent never has to question when they last bathed or if they need to bathe again.

Taking plenty of time during the bathing process to address your parent’s needs as they arise so that they do not feel rushed or pressured.

Providing neutral, respectful, and dignified care that will relieve stress and help your parent feel more comfortable if they are resistant to you helping them with this task.

Starting home care services for your elderly parent can be one of the best decisions that you make for them in the course of your caregiver journey with them. The highly personalized services of an in-home senior care services provider are specifically tailored to address your parent’s individual challenges, needs, and limitations in the way that is right for them.

These services are designed to help your parent stay healthy, safe, comfortable, and happy while also pursuing as much independence, activity, and fulfillment as possible as they age in place. These services can include assistance with personal care needs, support fulfilling activities of daily living, safe and reliable transportation to where your parent needs and wants to go, and companionship to boost mental and emotional health.

When it comes to care for a senior who is living with Alzheimer’s disease, this care provider can not only help your parent handle the symptoms and challenges that they are facing now, but also prepare them for those issues that they will face in the future as they progress through the disease.


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